The Essentials of Universal Design


Accessibility For All

The concept of Universal Design in the kitchen is one that is quickly growing in popularity, in newly constructed homes and remodeling projects alike. A universal design is as the name implies: accessible to people of all ages and abilities. At its essence, universal design kitchens are made so that anyone who ties on an apron can comfortably prepare a meal or wash the dishes. Design features include magnetic touch-and-release cabinet doors which allow for easy access for arthritic hands and those of a young child. Designers at the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University have even developed seven principles as guidelines for making design decisions. (accessible here) These include ideas such as equitable use, flexibility in use, simple and intuitive use, perceptive information, tolerance for error, low physical error, and size and space for approach and use.

A Quality Interior Designer in Fort Lauderdale

At Dawn Elise Interiors, we are happy to incorporate design elements that reflect the concept of the universal kitchen. Not only do these design plans feature a refreshing variability, they ensure that your kitchen and home will have a greater longevity. A kitchen that is easily accessible and easy to maneuver around allows you to live in your house well into your later years, and that is something we can definitely get behind. If you are looking to upgrade your home, be it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bar, or any other room, look no further than Dawn Elise Interiors. We emphasize green design and high quality materials, and we cover everything from outdoor hardscapes and pool areas to total kitchen and bath remodeling, right here in Fort Lauderdale and Miami!


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