Better Ergonomics, Better Life

ergonomic office

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Home Office

Working from home is a luxurious proposition to most, and it includes a number of enviable benefits, including: no commute, phone conferences in your pajamas, and no fighting over parking spots. Overall, the home office has become a more common reality with the proliferation of online businesses. However, a home office that is not laid out properly can leave you with more headaches than relaxing afternoons.

Here at Dawn Elise Interiors, we specialize in creating better homes for our customers. In addition to our focus on green design and quality materials, we can assuage your concerns about working from home.

One of the first considerations is the location and utilization of ambient light. Part of the advantage of a home office is a reduction in overhead, so the use of sunlight is paramount to ensuring that benefit is realized. Views of the outside world will also help one’s creativity, and encourage thinking outside the box.

The second concern is the desk and chair setup. These two pieces of furniture should work in harmony to guarantee proper back posture, hand position, and maximum comfort. A desk with a computer that is too close or too far away simply creates unnecessary adverse effects.

A Quality Miami Interior Designer

Whether you are in need of an entirely new home office, or you would simply like to upgrade your current setup, the experts at Dawn Elise Interiors are here to help. Give us a call at 954-609-7113 today to schedule an appointment and be sure to browse our website to learn more about us!

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